Top 7 Yard Fencing Ideas for a Summer-Ready Outdoor Space

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Are you excited about summer? If you want to host fun-filled yet safe activities for your kids, it is best to make sure that your yard fencing is sturdy and reliable. We gathered the top ideas to help you improve your yard before the summer starts. From creating a space for activities or relaxing to choosing the right fencing material, these yard fencing ideas are sure to make your family’s summer memorable and fun.

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Here are the top seven yard fencing ideas to try this summer.

#1 Pick the right fencing materials.

Upgrading your yard fencing may mean repairing or replacing your existing one. While there is a relatively wide range of fencing options for fencing materials available in the market today, it is best to consider various factors in picking the right fence fitted for your needs, including the material strength, price, and maintenance requirements.

The best yard fencing suited for residential properties you might want to consider are:

Vinyl Fences – Vinyl fencing, also known as PVC or polyvinyl chloride, is a rising star in the fencing industry, particularly those used as a backyard fence. It offers various styling options, including shape, colors, and installation arrangements. It is affordable and easy to install.

Wood Picket Fences – Wood picket fences are evenly cut wood panels with a pointed or curved top. This wooden fence type offers a sturdy, reliable, and cost-effective fencing option for households. While they are seen as white picket fences, you can choose other colors or just have the wood stained.

Wrought Iron Fences – Wrought iron fencing offers a decorative, elegant feel to your front or backyard. It is a durable option that can last up to a decade with proper maintenance.

Wire Fences – Wire fencing, typically metal fences, offers a good number of options, including chain-link, barbed wire, woven wire, and electric fencing. It requires low to no maintenance, is durable, and offers good security from outsiders. However, you might not have your needed privacy as other fencing types offer.

#2 Decorate Your Entrance

One way to create an unforgettable summer entrance is to decorate your entryway. Plant seasonal flowers or install a decorative gate for eye-popping summer vibes. You may also try building a trellis or a pathway to highlight your yard fencing entrance.

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#3 Incorporate a seating area in your fence.

A seating area can be where you and your family or friends can sit, relax, and enjoy. Kids can also have fun activities, read a book, or simply rest after running around your backyard. Today, more fencing companies are offering fencing with seating options, allowing you to maximize your space more. Your fencing contractor should be able to discuss with you the best fencing with seating options that can fit your needs, budget, and style preferences.

#4 Brighten up your summer nights with fence lighting.

Summer nights have never been so good with good-looking fence lighting. Lighting highlights the aesthetics of your backyard, including the seating area, swimming pool, garden area, and fences. Besides helping you have ample lighting for your night activities, good lighting also improves the accessibility and safety around your yard. You might want to consider low-voltage lighting, LED, or solar-powered wall lamps, uplights, downlights, or deck lamps to save on electricity bills.

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#5 Cover Your Wire Fences With Bamboo

As mentioned above, wire fencing, particularly chain-link fencing, offers great protection and security but less privacy. You can solve this problem by installing bamboo fences on your chain-link fences. A bamboo fence installation over your chain-link fence adds a more summer vibe with its green touch to your yard.

#6 Plant trees.

Trees definitely add beauty and protection from the sun’s heat during summer. Growing trees may take a while for you to enjoy its aesthetics and benefits. If you have a larger budget, you may have a landscaping contractor do the job for faster and better results. Otherwise, you may grow arborvitaes, fast-growing plants that may be tall enough to cover your yard fencing when the summer comes.

#7 Add flower pots around your fences.

Another idea to get your colorful summer mood going is to dress your fences with flower pots. Plant colorful floras in these pots. What’s best? You can even add painting the pots as an activity for your family during the summer.

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Consult with our fencing contractor.

These backyard fence ideas might help you transform your dull fencing into a summer-ready, picture-worthy yard fencing – something deserving of making unforgettable memories for you and your family. If you need help choosing the best material, repairing, or a total fence replacement and installation, consult Fenrails’ professional fencing contractors and get the most affordable, reliable, and suitable recommendation. Contact us for your next fencing project.

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