Top 6 Fencing Mistakes People Overlook

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Source: Unsplash.com

Source: Unsplash.com


The satisfaction of hammering in the final panel of a fence you built yourself is incomparable to any other activity. A beautiful fence can completely transform your property, but if this is constructed incorrectly, you may come to regret attempting to build a fence through DIY. Building the new fence is not as simple as selecting the materials, color, and height that you want it to be.


Keep measurements accurate at all times.


Get that measuring tape because precise measurements are the basis of an effective fence installation. Be prepared to measure and measure some of those to avoid making any mistakes. Yet better, try taking the measurements yourself, and then have a friend measure it as well to ensure that it is the correct number for the job. What is the significance of measurements? After all, you must comply with local building codes when it comes to height. But knowing the correct digits will also help you order the appropriate quantity of materials to accomplish your dream fence. Measuring correctly would also help you avoid making the mistake of attempting to return excess supplies, which is often impossible and can leave you out of your wallet. 


Secure the posts appropriately


The most fundamental rule of fence building is that a fence is only as strong as its posts, which are often disregarded during the construction of a fence. Keep in mind that your postings should not be considered an afterthought; they are just as vital as the rest of your content. It is for a reason why posts are one of the most expensive components of your fence; they are crucial, and you should take a moment to choose and build them correctly. For example, a decent fence must have at least two types of posts: an anchor and a line post. 


Anchoring posts should be driven deeply into the ground, braced firmly, then set in concrete to ensure that they are completely stable. Each anchor post is separated by a series of smaller posts known as line posts. Their primary role is to arrange your fence so that they are not subjected to as much stress as the others, and this means they do not need to be as massive or as durable as the others. 


Putting fences in the incorrect location


Say you spend all of your spare time fencings in something or anything else you happen to be fencing. You have dug in posts. You have made a wire tangle. You have put in your gate posts and hung the gates. Now comes the exciting part, you are satisfied with the outcomes of your efforts, and then you begin to make use of the newly fenced-in space, and you realize how bothersome your gates are to your daily routine. Perhaps you have chosen a location directly adjacent to where water and dirt collect after storms, or maybe you did not consider all possibilities and are now unable to get a tractor through the fence to carry hay, bush hogs, or anything else you might require.


Prepare well before commencing any fencing job by determining where your fences will be located and what they should be used for if everything functions according to plan. Because after those fence posts are in place and the fencing has been stretched, you do not want to worry about moving your fence. It is not difficult to accomplish, but it will take a significant amount of time and money and a few headaches.

Beware of underground utilities


Safety is more important. It’s critical to ensure that any subterranean services are appropriately labeled on the surface before excavating for your new fence. Utility lines vary in depth from property to property. Consult with your local council if you want to prevent breaking an underground utility line, harming yourself, halting service to your community, or suffering hefty fines for your actions. They will send a locator to indicate the positions of your underground utilities, allowing you to dig safely.


Unaware of the materials being used


Individuals tend to purchase products without understanding the purpose of each variety; fencing may also refer to the type of weather you have and the results you want to achieve rather than simply following the latest trend in the neighborhood; this ensures that you are fully aware of the materials to use to avoid disappointments and money wasted. Whatever fencing material type you want for your home or business establishment, it is not enough that you can supply and install them at an affordable price. You must know the wood, vinyl, PVC, steel, or aluminum fences that would be appropriate for your area. For you to build long-lasting fences using reliable, sturdy, yet aesthetically pleasing materials.


Vinyl fences, also known as PVC (polyvinyl chloride) fencing, are a low-cost, low-maintenance type of fencing that requires little maintenance. There is no reason to incur additional costs for staining or painting because you can already choose from various color options. A fence made of vinyl is also resistant to flooding and insects. 


Wood fences are a common choice for both homeowners and businesses when it comes to property security. You should consider having custom-made wood fencing installed. The wood types available to you include a diverse selection treated to withstand extreme weather conditions, rotting, and insect infestations. 


An aluminum fence for residential and commercial properties is one of the few fencing options available to customers that do not require maintenance. Aluminum fences are available in various materials and styles, making them a durable yet versatile option. Aluminized fencing is the best option if you would like a fence that is rust- and rot-resistant.

Source: Unsplash.com


Does not seek advice from an expert


Whether you want to put up fences on your residential or commercial property, hiring professionals can be the most cost-effective option for you. Professionals can assist you in achieving the appearance and level of security that you desire for your property, thanks to their years of experience in installing and repairing fences of all types. Experts also provide a comprehensive range of fencing services, ranging from planning and designing to complete installation as well as maintenance.


Professional fencing in tampa, designer and expert installer team also known as the Fenrails, a group of experts with extensive training and experience in a variety of fence designs, styles, and installations make up the fencing team. They developed a tried-and-true fencing design, fabrication, as well as installation system that allows us to provide a hassle-free service to their clients. With all  the benefits to making the clients enjoy as a result of using a premium professional service which is the following:


Deliverables of excellent quality 


Hiring professionals, such as those at Fenrails, will make every effort to make high-quality results and services in the fencing industry. They can guarantee you that all of their installed fences have been constructed entirely of high-quality materials. Additionally, they have a Quality Assurance team that checks to see that all standards are met on every project that we work on. 


Products and services with a guarantee 


Like those at Fenrails, they provide guaranteed fencing services throughout the state of Florida. Put your concerns about minor damage to your vinyl (PVC), aluminum, or wooden fences to rest. All of the products are covered by a warranty, which will vary depending on the type of fence you select from our selection.


Solutions that are effective in terms of cost 


They provide solutions that are both practical and innovative while also being affordable. Their fencing materials are sourced and manufactured in the local community, allowing them to offer lower prices than other fencing companies. Get in touch with a professional fence expert in your area, such as their company, as well as witness the difference for yourself.


Outstanding customer service 


Fenrails is not your typical professional fence company in Tampa, FL. They provide a wide range of services. Fence installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance are all performed at a higher level by them. They have a customer service hotline that you can call even on weekends if you have any questions or concerns.,experts


Financial options that are flexible 


Considering using your credit cards or looking for a more flexible payment schedule, they can surely help. You can pick from several different financing and payment options. Providing hassle-free minor paperwork payment procedures to their clients is an important part of providing excellent customer service.




In many circumstances, a fence is required. Building a new fence can be a costly endeavor as well. Similarly, once you’ve installed a fence, you’ll want to make sure it’s in good operating order. So, you’re either a seasoned do-it-yourselfer or someone who is ready to hire a professional fencer. In any case, keep away from the following fencing blunders.


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