Your residential property value includes many factors besides your house. A beautiful, sturdy, and practical fencing is an excellent way to boost the curb appeal of your property, as well as its privacy and security.

Fenrails in Tampa, FL, offers a wide range of fencing materials, styles, and designs. We have the best fence installer team, designers, and customer support in Florida. Our fencing service runs over a decade, providing innovative yet cost-effective solutions to increase the security of your home while adding beauty to its facade.

Fenrails is one of Tampa Bay’s fence companies that specializes in residential fencing. Speak with our specialist today and get the best solution and cost estimate for your fencing needs.

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Choosing your fencing material is one of the first steps you need to take with your residential fence project. Wood fence, chain-link fences, vinyl fencing, driveway gate – name it, we have it. Fenrails can help you get the best style and design based on the material you pick for your home.

Let us help you by giving you our best options below.


Wood fencing is one of our best-sellers. They are timeless, sturdy, and beautiful. We offer various wood types and styles, so you can achieve the look you envision for your home. From strong stockade to the dreamy white picket fence, our fence company got you covered. What’s more, is that the Fenrails team creates personalized wood fences based on your required specifications. Learn more about our fence installation cost in our FAQs below.


The next famous type we offer is chain-link fencing. It is an affordable yet efficient type, delivering reliable protection without impeding air circulation and visibility in your property. Besides residential areas, this type is also popular for school, business, and parks fence services. Our top-caliber galvanized chain-link fence will never fail your expectations. Check out our residential chain link fence cost through our FAQs.


Vinyl fences or PVC fencing became one of the most popular fencing types because of its low-cost fence installation and maintenance. Fenrails is one of many fence companies in Tampa, FL, supplying and installing this fencing type. We have coated and colored PVC fence options that can perfectly match your house and landscaped yard. Have a great-looking facade without having to break the bank with Fenrails’ vinyl fences.


We are one of Tampa’s residential fence contractors that can supply and install steel and aluminum fencing. We have steel designers and seasoned welders who have reliable training and experience with this material type. Besides fencing, we can also do steel gate fence installation and supply of ornament. This fencing type requires minimal maintenance and is one of the long-lasting materials on our list.


If you need an all-around fence company to handle the fence installation in your front yard, backyards, or around your property, Fenrails is your best choice in Tampa, FL. Additionally, we can install security gates for pool areas, replace old or damaged fences, and new construction partnerships with other contractors. Keep in mind that you deserve the best privacy fence in the market.

 We offer innovative and personalized fencing solutions that help families without spending too much. Let Fenrails help you get the curb-appeal you want without compromising your safety and security.



We ensure that all our products and installation services are of top caliber. Our treated wood, long-lasting vinyl, and designed steel fences come from the best local materials. A fence from Fenrails will surely boost the curb appeal and the property value for your home.



Increasing safety and security is the primary reason why families decide to construct or replace fences. You will have a worry-free, stress-free family life with reliable fences that can deter unwanted people and animals away from your yard. Fences can also help to prevent or delay wildlife from going to your property.



Your family and furbabies can enjoy a private and protected everyday living with Fenrails fences. You can freely swim in your pool or read books in your backyard. Additionally, it can save you from onlooking neighbors and the noise from outside traffic.



You can quickly get a free estimate by calling our hotline or by sending us an email. If you want to check other styles, there will be no problem because we offer vast choices of materials, styles, and designs that can definitely fit your budget.


As an adjunct service to our residential fence installation projects, Fenrails is one of the best fence companies in Florida to deliver the high level of safety and security you want to have. Our Tampa customers can stay and sleep worry-free with our automatic gate access controls.

 Secure your Tampa home with Fenrails.

Access controls and automated gate operators provide quick yet secured access in and out of your residential property. These components can protect you and your family from outside intruders and unwanted visitors.

 Fenrails offer supply and installation for:

  • Overhead gates
  • Slide gates
  • Barrier arm gates
  • Intercom entry access
  • Swing gates
  • Phone entry gates

 You can ensure the safety of your children and pets, plus you can keep unwanted people and animals away from your home. Get Fenrails’ fencing services today, request your free estimate, and experience top-caliber customer services.


Q: Why should we choose Fenrails for our new fence installation project?

A: At Fenrails, we believe in providing service beyond our customers’ expectations. We give 100% time and effort to find innovative, long-lasting, and cost-effective fencing solutions for many Florida homes. We only deliver premium output that adds beauty, value, and security to your family.

Moreover, the Fenrails team will be with you throughout the process. We will deliver high-quality fencing on time from initial contact, material, and style selection to installation.

Q: How much does your residential fence installation cost?

A: Fenrails’ fence installation cost depends on various factors, such as the area of the property, customers’ material preference, style, and design. The national average expense for residential fencing installation is $1,800. However, pricing will vary based on the factors mention. Below are the average costs based on fence material types.

      • Wood fencing: $2,900
      • PVC or vinyl fencing: $1,600
      • Chain-link fencing: $2,200
      • Metal fencing: $4,250

Q: Can you paint our current PVC fence installed previously?

A: No. PVC or polyvinyl chloride is plastic, which, when painted in an outdoor environment, may flake or crack when it comes in contact with an external pressure like the wind, animal, or human. While there are newer plastic compatible paints in the market, at Fenrails, we do not carry such service yet.

As an alternative, we offer various PVC color options, which give homeowners the liberty to choose a style that fits their residence.

Q: You mentioned galvanized chain-link fences above. What is galvanization anyway?

A: Galvanization is when a metal, such as those we use for chain-link fences is immersed into a molten zinc bath. This treatment builds corrosion-resistant solid protection.

Other fence contractors may use materials that are galvanized before the final weaving to lower the costs. The zinc coating may be removed or scratched during the end weaving stage, reducing the quality of the product. In addition, doing such increases the risk of the material rusting, which is possible with Florida’s climate.

We guarantee that we do not do such methods. All Fenrails’ chain-link fences are galvanized. We do the process once the fence is on its end weaving stage.


Q: What do you use to install wood fences?

A: At Fenrails – Tampa, we have galvanized shank nails for wood fence installation. They are corrosion-resistant, durable, and easy to stain with your preferenced color. Our alternative would be to use screws, which is an upgrade from our typical fencing service package.

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