Fencing 101: Things To Consider Before Building Your Fence

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Homeowners consider putting up a fence for various reasons. Fences come in different sorts of materials and give the homeowner the advantage of having one. There are various reasons why you should consider installing a fence on or around your property. Although every property is unique to the next, fencing can be a good option. It not only improves your privacy and security but increases your home’s value as well. Listed here are some of the reasons and factors that you must consider when putting up a fence.

Types of Fences

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Aluminum is the most common and attractive fencing type. However, this type of fence does not provide the security some homeowners would look for in a fence. However, it is maintenance-free and can essentially look like the other types of fences that will be further discussed here. The only time that you will need maintenance of this type is during the installation process. You may choose to have it painted or decorated. But, you need to be cautious about the security since it is not as durable or strong as you may think, unlike other fence types.



One of the most popular fencing types is Wood. It can provide the homeowners the sense of privacy that they might be looking for because of the height that the wood fencing offers. Additionally, they are one of the attractive types of fencing options included in the market. Some homeowners prefer wood fencing to give warmth and a welcoming feeling without spending too much on its installation. However, you still need to consider the height and size of the fence you will purchase, impacting the price. Take note that the more lumber you need, the higher the cost of your fencing project. For bigger fences, It might also take a while for them to be installed. Thus, choosing a smaller fence will be a good idea if you are considering your budget. 


Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

One way to put up a fence in your yard is by using polyvinyl chloride. This type of fence replaces wooden stakes and pickets. However, they are not that sturdy but can still serve their purpose. You may add PVC sleeves on top of your wooden posts to increase the stability of your fence. Through this, you may cut down the cost of materials by using less Wood. These PVC stakes can also be attached to the crossbars using adhesives, and sometimes they can be fastened with screws. What is even great about this type of fence is that it has various heights and colors. 



Vinyl fences are five times stronger and flexible than wood fences. This type of fencing is maintenance-free and can even resist paint. It allows you to clean any unwanted stains easily and easily clean graffiti. You only need a hose and soap in cleaning this type of fence, and it will look as good as new. However, vinyl fence installation costs might have a higher price. However, since it only requires minimal maintenance and a longer lifespan, it is still considered cheaper than other types of fences. 



Bamboo fencing is making its way in the market. It can be naturally grown in your yard, so it is considered to be the most environmentally friendly and esthetically pleasing option in the market. The three varieties of bamboo fencing that you can choose from are our live bamboo, rolled bamboo, and bamboo cane. Both rolled bamboo and bamboo cane have poles that are linked together. These two are sturdier compared to the live bamboo. On the other hand, live bamboo can grow up to a foot tall every year but is not usually recommended in colder climates.


Wrought Iron

Homes that often have funky-looking designs on their fence chose wrought iron fences. Wrought iron fences are solid and pleasant looking. However, they need some constant keep up. To maintain your wrought iron fence’s beauty, you need to have it repainted every two years.

Wrought wires are not popular among conservative owners. Additionally, since they are custom made, expect that their price will not be below. 



Chain link fences may not add privacy to a home but can still perform other essential fencing functions. Homeowners usually add shrubs, vines, or flowers on the outside of the chain-link fence. Through this, it would add a pinch of privacy and cut off your neighbor’s view with a creative design. School administrators often prefer this type of fence since they require minimal maintenance and are durable.

Reasons Why You Need a Fence

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Increased Security and Safety

Security is the main reason for installing a fence on your property. Fencing can protect your valuables and, of course, protect you and your family. Taking necessary precautions is essential to avoid being a victim of crime. By simply installing a fence around your property, you avoid trespassers, intruders, and unwanted animals from entering your property.

Fences are meant to keep animals and people out from your yard, but it also keeps owners in, especially children. Installing a fence will give you peace of mind knowing that your children are playing in your yard. 


It Sets Boundaries

It is hard to determine your property lines without putting a fence. Through fencing, you can help to define and correct the boundaries between you and your neighbor’s land. Even though you might have a good relationship with your neighbor, it is still best to apply property lines since it can serve its purpose in any neighborly disputes. 


Increased Level of Privacy

Most homeowners install a fence because of privacy concerns. Fences separate your home from any events in the outside world. This means you are confident to know that there will be no prying eyes of a stranger whenever they pass through your home or perhaps neighbors watching all your family activities. Privacy can be easily achieved by using high fencing or combining it with the trees and shrubs you have in your yard.


Aesthetically Pleasing

Fences can help increase the curb appeal of your home. Various fencing options can help in enhancing your home’s appearance and value. A properly planned fence can not only provide you with security, privacy, and safety, but it can also give you a great solution to increase your property’s visual aspect. Choosing a fence that will suit your home best is essential since it features exemplary elements in providing privacy and security. Remember to choose a fence that would match your home’s themes and style and make sure it is durable.


 Improves the Resale Value

Quality fences with pleasantly looking curbs, high security, and privacy aspects can increase the value of your home. If you plan to sell your property, its sale price can increase as well. Several new homeowners look for a property with quality fencing since they want to have security and privacy. Because of this, your property value usually becomes high on the buyer’s list. Thus, making your new fence a significant investment that will surely get a good return.

Hiring a Professional

Protection Against Fencing Issues

A professional fencer can give you advice for your fencing. This can protect you from making mistakes in the installation process, such as accidentally involving your neighbor’s property or even damaging cables or pipes. Fencing in Tampa involves professional contractors that ensure quality installation even the first time around.


Familiarity with Legal Requirements

Established fencing contractors within your local area are familiar with the necessary legal requirements and ensure that their works are accomplished accordingly with the regulations. You may read some reviews or perhaps ask for suggestions from your family or friends before hiring someone to install your fence. Through this, you can assure that you will receive excellent quality fencing services that abide by the laws in your locality.

Quality Installation

Professional fencing contractors can offer you long-term quality results. Make sure that you hire a trusted contractor to avoid fencing issues. And If ever you run into a problem, your contractor will most likely do the necessary changes free or with only a minimal charge.


Word of Thought

Trying to save money as much as possible can be tempting, especially when installing a fence on your property. Some homeowners may prefer the DIY approach, thinking that they can spend less money. However, it sometimes ends up costing more than you should spend than hiring a professional to install your fence. 

Take note that your fence design will vary according to your property features. Whether installing a vinyl, wrought iron, wood type, and other fencing types, it is best to hire a contractor to handle your fencing needs since they can provide you with both short or long-term fencing needs.

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