Do you need a fence company to install fences for your residential, commercial, and industrial projects? The professional fence installers from Fenrails provide practical yet high-quality solutions for your fencing construction and replacement projects.

With more than a decade of fence installations in Tampa, FL, we guarantee that our team of fence experts can provide:

  • Top-caliber customer service
  • Efficient resource allocation
  • Product knowledge
  • On-schedule output delivery

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Fenrails, based in Tampa Bay, is your all-around fence company. We handle all kinds of fencing requests, from site inspection, utility location, inspection, and permits application. Moreover, below are the benefits you can enjoy once you hire us to install your fences.

✔ You can speak with live customer service and not computer-generated voicemail on your initial contact.

✔ Our quote is free of charge.

✔ Once the fence installation Tampa project starts, you will receive regular updates via call, SMS, or email.

✔ Our team arrives on-site on time, accomplishes tasks within or before the agreed schedule, and delivers premium results.

✔ Each member of our fencing services team has reliable training and well-founded experience in fence installation.

✔ All our products are of top-notch quality, locally-made, and installed through innovative construction techniques way better than you will encounter in DIY stores.

✔ We value the trust and confidence of our Tampa customers.

✔ We appreciate each review we receive – the good and even the bad, which helps us to better ourselves as our commitment is to provide only the best.


At Fenrails, we cater to a wide variety of fence design and material types. We offer gates, decorative arches, rails, and security mechanisms, plus various accessories to boost the look or style of your fence. Additionally, our professionals can help you determine which fence will best fit your home, business, or landscaping project.

Our fence products include:

  • Wood fences: Treated wood planks, posts, rails, and timbers
  • Vinyl fence: Color-coated PVC fencing
  • Steel, composite, and aluminum fences
  • Galvanized chain-link fencing
  • Fencing accessories, such as hinges, brackets, braces, latches, ties, caps, rollers, and so much more


Fences vary in size, design, style, and material. And, Fenrails is Florida’s trusted fence contractor that can help you choose the best fencing materials for your project. Here are the top-selling fencing types you should consider when installing or replacing your fences in Tampa, FL.


Wood fences’ beauty and their wide range of designs make it one of the best picks for most of our Florida customers. Fenrails in Tampa, FL, typically use top-caliber native cypress wood or ACC pressure-treated pines. Our pre-treatment procedure helps protect our wood fences from pest infestation, decay, and rotting. You can also choose the color and style of wood you want to match your home or office while showcasing your wood’s natural features.

We are a fence company that does not only supply and installs wood fencing. We can also assist you in choosing the right style, providing your property sufficient privacy without compromising good airflow. Here are our top picks for our wood fencing styles:

  • Picket:  The classic white picket fence is one of America’s signature styles. It brings back good old memories to many, can match most building styles and designs, and allows good airflow with balance spacing.
  • Vertical Shadow Box:  This style is a derivative from the conventional picket fence. The arrangement differs with its alternating type, which creates a shadowed effect on the opposite side. This way, even your neighbors can enjoy the lovely view of your fences.
  • Horizontal Shadow Box: If you are in an area with strong winds like Tampa Bay, this fencing style might be perfect for you because of its good resistance to extreme weather conditions. Many fence companies recommend this because of its good privacy coverage.
  • Stockade: This fencing style is suitable if privacy and security are your top priorities. Each board is connected closely to each other, preventing small pets from getting through going outside. It also serves as a good sound barrier for homes and offices.

Board-on-Board: If you want a total closure similar to a solid wall appearance, you may want to consider this style. As its name indicates, the board-on-board fence is connected against each other while showing the finished side externally.



    If you want more durable, good-looking vinyl fences to install around your Tampa Bay home or business, Fenrails’ vinyl options would be a great choice. We are a Florida-licensed fencing company with high-quality products.

    Our premium PVC (vinyl) fences have high tensile strength, which allows them to withstand strong winds. They are made of non-toxic material that can keep its color for years, even with minimal maintenance.



    We are a professional fencing company that offers supply and installation of steel and aluminum fencing in residential and commercial premises in Tampa Bay and across Florida. We partner with various building and landscaping contractors, providing them long-lasting, decorative aluminum fencing.

    Besides serving as your home or business security, our aluminum fences can also be used as pool enclosures, stair railing, or solid gates. We guarantee you high-quality craftsmanship as our skilled, well-trained welders will handle the installation.

    Fenrails will find the solution best for your needs, whether for your home, retail shop, or landscaped garden in Tampa, FL. Our team has the required licenses, insurance, and bonds so that you can have peace of mind with your fencing project. For more information on our other fence types, such as chain link fence and composite fencing, estimates, and payment methods, reach out to us today.


    Q: How much is the average cost of vinyl, aluminum, chain link, and wood fence installation in Tampa Bay?

    A: The cost of any fence installation in Tampa, FL, depends on various factors, including the materials used, style, design, and the property area size. Here are the average costs of Tampa Bay fence installation based on fencing materials:

    • Wood Fence: $1,400 to $3,400
    • Vinyl Fence: $2,800 to $5,700
    • Aluminum Fencing: $2,200 to $5,600
    • Chain Link Fencing: $1,180 and $3,100

    Q: What modes of payment do you accept? Do you accept credit cards?

    A: We accept various modes of payment to help our clients have flexible options on their fencing needs. You can either pay thru cash, credit cards, bank transfers, and various online payment platforms. Please reach out to Fenrails at (813) 723 5146 for more information.


    Q: How long does an installation take?

    A: A team for each project typically consists of 5-7 persons. The installation length depends on the complexity and area size of the project, but we can get a job done in as little as a day.


    Q: Can you assist in the filing of paperwork for our family fence?

    A: Yes, of course. Fenrails is your all-around fence contractor. We will take care of it all from start to finish, including the filing of permits with the local municipality and homeowners association (HOA). All we request is your property survey copy and patience as sometimes, the approval takes a bit longer than expected.

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