DIY Fencing Ideas To Wow Your Neighborhood

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DIY fencing ideas


If you’re bored with your fences, or it barely serves its purpose, what’s stopping you from building yourself a new one?


Fencing in Tampa doesn’t have to be that hard. Nowadays, you can easily buy anything online, and it all depends on whether you want to do it DIY style or hire a team of contractors to do it for you. In this, we will be talking about DIY fencing ideas you can do to pass the time and bring your creativity to life.


DIY Fencing Tips

Aside from following your fence idea, there are also other things you need to consider before even buying your backyard fence materials, especially if you live in an area with an HOA.

When choosing a style often depends on your needs and neighborhood aesthetics.


However, if you’re planning on going rogue and wanting to build an attention-seeking type of fence, then, by all means, be our guest.


1. Plan Your DIY Fence Project

When starting a more extensive project that involves property modifications and structures, you always have to check the legalities and your limitations. There are varying rules regarding fence height, planning permits, and the HOA, so it would be in your best interests to consult and clear all bases before coming up with a specific look and design you are going for.


2. Property Boundaries & Neighbors

If you’re unsure where your property boundary ends, it would be better to consult a property expert before building your fence. Often, property-related matters tend to end in strained neighborhood relationships and petty disputes.


You don’t want a neighbor from hell overseeing your DIY project. To prevent this, check your land titles and talk to your neighbors about it. Tell them about your plans as a courtesy and make them know that you are planning on building a fence on your property, and if they have an issue, you will communicate with them immediately to resolve it.


3. Materials & Canvassing

Canvass your prices well. Then, make sure to buy enough materials you need to complete the fencing project. You can start this part by shopping for your materials on a budget. Decide on the fence type you want. Will it be a marble fence, plank fence, corrugated metal, cedar wood fence, or concrete blocks.


4. Plan Your Project Well

Make a blueprint for all areas that you need to cover. Plan your time to spend budgeting, installing calculations, and other tools necessary for your fencing project. Planning includes covering all bases, such as the depth of the hole to be dug for the support beams, as wand measurement (height and width) for your wooden slabs or metal rails to cover the whole area that needs protecting.


Tip: You can use the concrete mix to support the beams effectively against solid winds and external, physical forces.


5. Other Miscellaneous Items

Using galvanized nails is suitable for pallet fence. They don’t stain and rust that quickly. Use good, quality wood for your project to ensure that it can protect for a long time.


For fences made of chain-linked wires or metal, go for materials that never rot or rust that easily.


6. Learn How To Use Your Tools

Try to practice for a while before starting your project. If you’re not that good with your grip and hammering, ask for help from someone who knows how to do it. Ask a professional to teach you how to use specific tools you are not familiar using.


7. Choosing A Style

Choose a look that fits your environment and doesn’t go against the law. Also, find a style that works for you and the whole neighborhood. Not only will it make your neighbors happy, but it will sell the look of your home should you plan to put it up for sale.


Asking for expert guidance is okay. Don’t be afraid to try and build your fence. Not only is it an excellent way to try to do something new but it could also count as a good exercise spent. You could even use it as a bonding project for the whole family.


Things to Remember When Doing Your DIY Fencing Ideas


DIY fencing ideas



A good fence quality and look improve your property’s appeal. It also gives you enough privacy and protection from the elements and unwanted strangers. Additionally, there are other things to consider aside from planning your fence to executing your DIY fence project.


  • Ask Yourself Why

All projects require a reason as to why you plan on implementing your DIY fencing ideas. To determine the style and material you are going for, you need to ask yourself why you need to do it. Is it for security purposes? Have you always wanted a white picket fence covering your entire property? Do you have dangerous dogs to keep in check?


These are some of the questions that you should think about as a property owner. The project must fit its purpose.


  • Make Room for Aesthetics

Incorporating creative details such as hanging plants or potted plants will not only make your fence look great on the outside, they can also serve as mood boosters for people passing by, especially if they can see your garden from the inside.


You could even paint your fence into fun or neutral colors so it could fit nicely into your neighborhood.


  • Fence Materials

Know your fence material before you buy them. Using wood as a fence option is never suitable for areas prone to extreme weather like snow and heavy rains.


Opt for materials such as steel and aluminum for your pickets, rails, and fence posts. Choosing the best fence material must be carefully selected because wood can quickly rot upon contact with water, cold, and when left at the mercy of the elements.


  • Your Commitment

When opting for a white picket fence, make sure that you are aware of the maintenance and staining you will have to endure the whole time it will be there.


White picket fences are a classic when it comes to an ideal, single-detached home. So if you have any issues deciding between two or more fence ideas, consulting an expert would be better for you.


  • Your Property Line

Make sure that you’re building your fence right on your property line to avoid land disputes and foster hate between your neighbors.


DIY fence building is not just a simple home project you can do in just one sitting. It requires a more extended amount of time compared to hiring contractors to do the job for you. Speaking of which, some contractor firms offer free consultations on cheap fence ideas and could take on the job for you. Should you need any help with your fencing in Tampa, Florida, get in touch with Fenrails, your number 1 fence contractor, today.


Looking For A Contractor: Maintenance and Solutions


DIY fencing ideas


If you’re one of those homeowners who wish to have do DIY fencing ideas but don’t want to do the manual labor, then hiring a contractor is your all-in-one solution.


When hiring a fence contractor, consider inquiring about their maintenance services. Ask them for an honest recommendation for your fencing option. Likewise, try to get an estimate of how much the service and materials would cost you.


Our Services

Fenrails is a fence company that offers fence installation services for commercial, industrial, and residential properties. We are a group of professional installers, consultants and only use top-caliber materials for our projects.


Here are some of the services we offer:


  • Free Quote or estimate to our prospective clients.


  • We offer wood fencing services such as treated wood planks, timbers, rails, and fence post. Our top picks for this service includes:


  • Picket fence 

A classic, retro style that allows good airflow and balances the spacing.


  • Vertical Shadow Box

The vertical shadow box is an alternate style to the usual picket fence or dog-eared walls with the boards placed alternately from one side to another.


  • Horizontal Shadow Box

Provides excellent privacy coverage and is good at handling strong winds on Tampa Bay.


  • Stockade

This fencing style is suitable for preventing or keeping out pets as all boards are closely connected. Stockade, as a fencing style, is also recommended for homeowners who value privacy and security for their homes and offices.


  • Board-on-Board

Provides total coverage that looks just like any solid wall.


  • Our Vinyl fencing option servicing is promising if you want a durable and good-looking vinyl fence installed around your home. Our vinyl fences have tensile strength abs made of non-toxic materials and only require a minimum amount of maintenance.


  • We also offer steel and aluminum fencing for pool enclosures, solid gates, and stair railings.


  • It galvanized chain-link fencing and accessories such as hinges, brackets, braces, latches, ties, caps, and rollers.


Fencing DIYs come in various shapes and sizes. It brings out the personality of its owner and their zest for independence, creativity, and resiliency. Hopefully, this article served as a helpful guide in helping you build your dream privacy fence on your own.


Why dream of a white picket fence when you could have us do your fence building today? Call us today! or Read more about our fence services here.


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