Things to Consider Before Building a Solid Wood Fence

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solid wood fence


Though it is an often-overlooked house feature, the fence performs a range of essential roles for its homeowners. When it helps to protect your yard from pets and potential burglars, as well as providing an additional barrier against bad weather and noisy neighbors, a privacy fence is an excellent choice for ensuring that your property remains genuinely private.

It is recommended that you learn the fundamentals of solid wood fence construction before beginning a fence project because it can take a huge lot of time and resources to put up a fence.


Why Do You Want a Solid Wood Fence?

solid wood fence

Privacy is one of the most vital factors for anyone purchasing a home, and it is something that everyone considers. It’s comforting to know that no one is looking over your shoulder while you’re watching a movie with your beloved or sunbathing because you’ve constructed a fence around your property. Someone will not purchase a house if the fence is improperly designed since it will mean that the buyer will not enjoy their solitude, even if the property is one-of-a-kind and the most fantastic home in the neighborhood.


One of the most critical reasons for homeowners to invest in fences is for Security.  We know that we wouldn’t want to live in a house without even a fence, especially if we live in a neighborhood where crime is common. Places with high crime rates are protected by wooden fences, with an electric mesh installed on top of the wooden fence to deter burglars from entering.


If you reside in an area close to a nature reserve, a solid wood fence will come in very handy because it will keep wild creatures from accessing your property and harming people and your loved ones. If you have children, siblings, or pets, a fence will keep them safe from being kidnapped.


The land is a limited resource in today’s world. Even if you own a vast farm with thousands of acres, clearly designating your property is necessary to keep others from infringing on it. Putting up a fence is the most effective method of identifying the boundaries of your property. It will assist you in avoiding disagreements with your neighbors, which can occasionally result in costly litigation against them.


Plus, putting a solid wood fence will also allow you to understand better how much space is left on your property, which will be helpful if you have any plans to make modifications or additions shortly. If you decide to install a swing set or a small pool for your children, understanding your property’s area will help you determine the size of the pool and the type of swing set that you may purchase for your children or younger siblings.


Marking your property using a fence will help you determine where your maintenance tasks begin and end, such as picking up dirt, gathering fallen leaves, or clearing the lawn. 


Some fencing kinds, such as ornamental embellishments on the pillars, enhance the aesthetics of your property by adding to its decorative appeal. Such types of fences will immediately increase the aesthetic appeal of your home, improving the value of your property. A nice, high-quality fence is always a wise financial decision to make. Your property will then be worth more when you sell it, making it a more rewarding investment for you.

When picking a solid wood fence, it is best to choose a design that will blend in with the overall appearance of your area. If you reside in one of those neighborhoods or communities where you are compelled to install a specific style of fence, you will have fewer options because of the restrictions.

Have your property surveyed


Your neighbors will not appreciate this if your fence extends onto their yard; this could result in legal consequences for you. What’s the first thing you’ll need? A land survey is necessary to ensure that you are building a solid wood fence within your land. 


When a house is sold, it is customary to have a boundary survey performed, and an old survey will not record any changes that may have occurred somewhere on the property over time. If the property survey is older than five years (or did not receive one when you purchased your house), you must have a replacement one conducted.


Know your local fence rules


Fence ordinances in your city, town, or municipality are very certainly in place. Suppose you reside in a historic area or a community regulated by a homeowners organization. In that case, you may be required to adhere to additional regulations (your fence design might even require committee approval). Before you start making your solid wood fence, be sure you understand the rules. Find out, for example, if there are any height, location, or material specifications that must be met.

Find Materials Best Suited for You

Fences are available in a range of forms and materials, with wood being the most popular choice. Even though a solid wood fence is typical, this may not be the most appropriate material for your requirements. The regular maintenance required by wood to guarantee it remains in optimum condition is significant, making it worthwhile to seek alternatives.


Vinyl is a brilliant option for such a householder who needs the privacy that a fence gives but does not want to put in the time and effort that wood requires. Using a hose, you can keep this plastic material looking as good as new, and the paneling can be molded to appear like wood if desired.


If you do not approve of either wood or vinyl, there are alternative solutions available to you. Examples of materials include metal chain links and wrought iron and bamboo, and various combinations of these.

Consider Your Climate

Most householders do not consider the climate in which they reside when selecting fencing materials, however, the weather expectations for a given place have an essential impact on the selection of materials and installation of fencing structures. When building a fence in a colder area, homeowners should consider the frost line and use concrete anchors that are at least 36 inches deep to support the solid wood fence posts.


Most woods should be avoided in hotter and drier regions because they are sensitive to water damage. Vinyl is the most excellent option in more moderate climates because it can withstand sweltering temperatures, but this can be destroyed by high heat.


If you reside in a location where frosty conditions are common, you may want to choose more durable materials. When it comes to colder climates, metal, bamboo, and choose kinds of wood are the most robust materials to use.

Create a Landscaping Plan

Before you build a solid wood fence, you should take into consideration the current landscaping around it. The presence of plants such as bushes and shrubs and trees and tree roots can create significant difficulties for fence installation. If you do not wish to remove any plant life from your yard, you may have to get innovative with your fence design. Most fence contractors can work around existing landscaping, but it may increase the material and labor expenses.


One must also think about any landscaping plans that may have shortly. You may need to plant near and around your fence to assist it to fit in with the rest of your yard. It is preferable to have gardening and landscape plans accessible before contacting a fence installation so that you can collaborate on the project and ensure that everything is in harmony with the surroundings.


If you enjoy gardening and your neighborhood does not permit privacy fencing, a living wall may be an option for you to consider. Planting trees or shrubs around your yard can serve as a living wall or fence, providing privacy and enhancing the aesthetics of your yard. You should, however, check with your local city ordinances and neighborhood organizations to ensure that such an installation is permissible before proceeding.

Gather tools and materials

Now that your fence has been measured and put out, it’s time to get your tools and materials together. Here is a list of the materials you will need to construct a wood fence.

  • Posthole digger
  • Hammer
  • Tape measure
  • Power drill
  • Fence panels
  • Level
  • Fence posts
  • Screws
  • Nails
  • Concrete mix

Cost and Quality


In most cases, the sort of material chosen has an impact on the price of the product. Chain link is often the least expensive material, followed by wood, aluminum, and steel, with vinyl being the most pricey of the group. In this case, there are few exceptions to this rule, and a great deal is reliant on the quality of the materials used in the construction. This is the basic order in which things happen for us. Remember that with any other product, the quality of each of these materials varies depending on the manufacturer.

solid wood fence

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Many homeowners believe that installing a solid wood fence is a do-it-yourself activity that can be finished on the weekend with a couple of friends. However, when was the last time you put up a fence in your yard or garden? 


Fences are notoriously difficult to build and maintain a level surface. When you decide to tackle a job on your own, you may run across several frequent fence issues. Contact a professional who is a qualified contractor in your region who can assist you in installing the fence of your dreams and advise you on the most acceptable options for your property and budget.


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