Fenrails is a Tampa-based fencing company that delivers premier commercial fencing solutions across Florida. We provide top-caliber security fencing tandem with excellent customer service from small businesses, schools, and luxury communities to five-star hotels.

Besides manufacturing our supplies, we are also authorized dealers of various top-rated fencing brands and accessories. Our team is famous for its time-conscious and cost-efficient performance for many commercial projects.

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Fenrails in Tampa is the #1 fence contractor specializing in installing security solutions for businesses, including offices, retail stores, restaurants, and many more. Our process is patterned based on the State’s strict safety standards. We are insured, bonded, and have the required certifications and permits to do commercial construction. Let us be your partner in boosting the safety and security of our commercial property.


A perimeter security fence is crucial for businesses that regularly host people and animals, such as shopping centers, supermarkets, parks, churches, etc. We can supply and install gates and various fence materials to serve as a perimeter barrier for your commercial property.


Security fencing for your business is a vital investment for your property’s privacy and safety amidst a busy street. What’s more, is that it does not have to be boring. Fenrails can deliver the most stylish commercial security fencing that can even improve the curb appeal of your property.


Many commercial establishments offer various amenities to attract more customers. It includes swimming pools, eco-parks, parking lots, playgrounds, and other open spaces. Fenrails’ amenity fences include the use of chain-link, wood, and steel fencing materials, which gives you an enjoyable, secure experience.


Fenrails can provide noise reduction fences for small to large-scale commercial properties. Whether it is a few meters or a hundred yards within your establishment, we will help you find smart, innovative solutions that can hinder the external noise, including that from the busy streets or crowds.


Many businesses now gear more towards finding environmentally-friendly building solutions, which include fencing and gates. Fenrails is a commercial fence company in Tampa, FL that uses non-toxic and long-lasting materials. We can also explore using recycled and organic fencing for more sustainability.


For more than a decade, Fenrails partnered with various government agencies with numerous local projects. We helped increase the security and safety of employees, students, and Florida residents in schools, government facilities, public agencies, and many more.


Fenrails has handled hundreds of commercial fencing services projects in Tampa and across Florida in our decade in the industry. We help company owners and managers identify their business fencing needs. Our fence designers help them pinpoint the best fence material that suites their job requirements – be it a wood fence, chain-link fencing, steel fence, automatic gates, and access.

Here are our top fence types based on materials that you can consider for your commercial fencing project for added protection.


Our chain-link is our top choice in commercial fencing. It provides a practical yet cost-effective fence barrier to various offices and establishments today. We supply and install high-quality chain-link fencing across Florida. Over the years, we gained the trust of our customers in providing premium products that boost the security of your investments.

Here are why you should consider choosing our chain-link fence option.


High-security benefits: Our chain-link fencing comes with razor ribbon or barbed wire. This additional feature will sure keep intruders out from your perimeter.


Anti-cut features: Our product has anti-cut, anti-climb features to boost your premises’ protection.


Coated finish: We use either vinyl or galvanized coating on a conventional mesh or micro mesh to help prevent rusting and give your fence a beautiful, polished outcome.


We are a Florida commercial fence company that can supply and install ornamental metal fences, particularly iron, steel, or aluminum. This fence type has various styles and designs available. From conventional to contemporary and varying color options, we have all you need. Our highly-trained and experienced welders can bend metals to fit your commercial fencing design needs.

Our ornamental metal fence offers:


Standard measurements and dimensions: Fenrails have greater material thickness. We have 1 to 2″ pickets and 1 1/2 and 2″ railings.


Ample Supply: Besides the products we manufacture and install, we are also an authorized supplier of many metal brands nationwide. It helps us provide you with supported warranties, which are necessary for commercial fencing.


Custom-Design: Our metal fence design and supply help us to match various architectural styles. We can deliver heavier and taller cross-sectional ornaments, curved fence designs, and added corrosion protection for a longer fence lifespan.

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Fenrails also level up as we recently launched our new line of automated gates and access to our commercial fencing services. We cater to various gate sizes, from small pedestrian entry gates to large truck gates. Our innovative access control and automated gate technology is your best choice. We can help you select the best solution for your business requirements.

Your options include:

  • Sliding Gates: Sliding gates offer high security and reasonable access to large vehicles and pedestrians. This gate option is standard in various government facilities and industrial areas.
  • Rolling Gates: This gate option is the best solution in providing wider access openings. Fenrails’ rolling gates come with rubber wheels.
  • Swing Gates: Single wing gates offer quick and effortless pedestrian access. On the other hand, double swing gates are best for multi-lane vehicle traffic and large vehicles.
  • Pedestrian Gates:  We can install custom-designed pedestrian gates incorporated into an existing gate system or as a standalone entry.
  • Panic Gates: This gate type is best for secured commercial, and government facilities where employees working inside can freely exit the premises in case of emergencies.
  • Crash-Proof Options: Fenrails also offer anti-crash and ram gates. These are very effective for preventing forceful entry into your commercial vicinity.

Besides our commercial gates, our automated access options include:

  • Automated gate operators: Our state-of-the-art gate operators keep your commercial property safe and secure with less effort. You can choose this option with any of our gate products.
  • Access control: Fenrails also offer innovative access control systems, such as vehicle scanners, keypads, telephone entry systems, video systems, and many more.


Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: Fenrails in Tampa, FL, accepts various payment methods to help business owners have many options to fulfill their fencing projects. We accept credit cards, checks, cash, and wire transfer.

Q: Do you have a guarantee for your completed projects?

A: Yes. Fenrails is a commercial fence company that offers a one-year warranty, starting from day one after installation completion. More extended guarantee periods may be applied for other branded fence products.

Q: Do you also provide fencing services outside Florida?

A: Yes. While our base office is at Tampa Bay, Florida, we are a fence contractor that can deliver high-quality commercial fence service around the USA.

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