Best Fencing Guide: Choosing Your Fencing Contractor, Tips, And More

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fencing contractorWhat Are Fencing Contractors?

fencing contractorFencing 101: Things You Should Consider Before Building Your Fence

fencing contractorHiring Professional Contractors

fencing contractorDIY Fencing Ideas to Wow Your Neighborhood

fencing contractorThe Things You Must Need to Know Before Building a Fence?

fencing contractorTop Fencing Mistakes That People Overlook

fencing contractorGood Qualities To Look For in a Fence Contractor

fencing contractorConsider Our Services


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Suppose you just bought a new property in a strange neighborhood with little to zero privacy or security involved. You start looking for fencing contractors online, but none of them understand your vision. It would help if you had a fence that protects you, does not violate any existing neighborhood rules and does not lower the value of your property. Of course, you’d want to hire the right fencing contractors in Tampa, FL, but you couldn’t get to find the right fit. That is until you eventually land here on this page.

Everyone values their private and personal security above else, and like most security features, everything starts within the home. Fenrails is one of the leading fencing contractors in Tampa, FL, capable of delivering quality fencing installation services and materials. Whatever type of fencing components you require, we are always here to provide!

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What Are Fencing Contractors?


Guide on Building and Fixing Your Fence Banner

A fencing contractor is a qualified individual or a company that completes fence installation services. They may also conduct the necessary repairs, maintenance, and fence inspection. Whether a client has a large or small project in mind, good fencing contractors would be able to give you the perfect design of your choice.

We use high-end materials, and our team of fence installers has years of experience. Many fence projects require clearing the area for the fence line preparation. Since our company offers one-stop shopping with the equipment and human resources to get your property ready for the fence, we can do it all!


Fencing 101: Things You Should Consider Before Building Your Fence


A fencing contractor is a qualified individual or a company that completes fence installation services. They may also conduct the necessary repairs, maintenance, and fence inspection. Whether a client has a large or small project in mind, good fencing contractors would be able to give you the perfect design of your choice. We use high-end materials, and our team of fence installers has years of experience. Many fence projects require clearing the area for the fence line preparation. Since our company offers one-stop shopping with the equipment and human resources to get your property ready for the fence, we can do it all! Fencing 101: Things You Should Consider Before Building Your Fence


Setting up a security fence is never cut and dry. For one, you would have to consider at least ten things to understand what type of fencing material and make that would undoubtedly fit your tastes. Unlike the paints we often use and reapply outside of our houses, fences would have to be able to withstand harsh weather and deter unwanted visitors for security reasons. Private individuals often seek our help to help them figure out the right to make their fences, which is why we are here to give you an outlined version of the things you need to consider before building your fence.

  1. Increased Security and Safety. Everyone in the home deserves to be protected and your private matters. Privacy is necessary for everyone in the home, especially if you live in slightly dangerous neighborhoods, own pets, or live with minors.
  2. It Sets Boundaries. Boundaries are never hard to miss, especially once you establish them upfront. Doing so helps assert your authority and ownership within your home without saying anything else to your neighbors.
  3. Increased Level of Privacy. Many fencing contractors deliver customized fence designs to accommodate their client’s increasing need for privacy.
  4. Aesthetically Pleasing. Privacy and security are not the only reasons we design our fences the way they are now. Here at Fenrails, we also understand the value of a good-looking fence on a client’s property. Like lawn care, good fencing comes in all shapes and sizes. We only deliver the ones that fit the most necessary criteria, namely: security feature, study, and aesthetic appeal.
  5. Improves the Resale Value. Because contractors build fences to last for a long time depending on the make and material, worrying about the property would be the last thing on your mind before you put up your property on the market once more. You can do this by investing in long-lasting fences and are not very easily disturbed by the harsher weather, blunt force trauma, and decay.

There are only about five things you should consider before you start getting your fence built, to put it simply. Please call to know the fencing contractors in your area by looking them up online. Better yet, you should hire us instead! Fenrails is a locally-owned and operated fencing company that delivers a wide range of fencing materials for all types of uses.

To know more, you can explore our webpage today for more fencing tips and tricks!


Hiring Professional Fencing Contractors


Guide on Building and Fixing Your Fence


When hiring professional fencing contractors in Tampa, FL, Fenrails can deliver you quality service at insanely affordable prices. To do this, our company makes it a point to research future fencing projects to minimize any unwanted issues. Good, professional fencing contractors know how to come up with simple solutions to avoid further land disputes and respect property rights.

Being familiar with legal requirements is one of our most important parts to ensure that projects comply with local regulations. All of these depend on the types of projects and fencing materials you’ll be choosing, be it for a long-term or short-term duration.

Speaking of fencing materials, we have a blog all about wood fences vs. iron fences, which is the best for you? As a bonus, we also have 2021’s best fence installation Tampa companies to keep you safe and secure.

What are you waiting for? Check them out right now!


DIY Fencing Ideas to Wow Your Neighborhood


Guide on Building and Fixing Your Fence


Wowing your neighborhood with good, quality fencing is probably the best part of getting your money’s worth by hiring quality fencing contractors. Not all properties are the same. While some houses only needed minimal fencing coverage, other homeowners tend to want to go to the extreme by completely isolating themselves from the rest of the neighborhood.

However, rest assured that our customizable fencing designs can help you heighten your home security, and your fences look appealing on the outside and the inside.

  1. Plan Your Project – To achieve the target aesthetic, we often schedule a planning phase to determine the needed fencing. We also consider fencing measurements, fence materials, fence designs, and so much more.
  2. Property Boundaries & Neighbors – If you’re worried about getting in trouble with your HOA, don’t worry. We have legal experts working on our team to ensure that your fencing is within legal grounds and is following HOA regulations. If not, secure a copy of your HOA regulations and have a building permit at your person at all times.
  3. Materials & Canvassing – Take a look at the prices and jot down the items you need. The more affordable it is, the better. However, a friendly reminder does not use low-grade materials, especially heavier tools and equipment.
  4. Plan Your Project Well – go over your initial plans and check to see if you are missing anything before purchasing your fencing equipment and tools for your DIY.
  5. Other Miscellaneous Items – Other items you’ll need will include galvanized nails, cement to provide stronger ground support, and paint if you prefer having your fence painted with a specific color.
  6. Learn How To Use Your Tools – learning how to pick up a hammer is not the same as using it. Many YouTube videos are available online to teach people how to use various tools. However, if you prefer to have an actual expert to teach you how to handle your working tools, you can contact the nearest fencing experts in your area.
  7. Choosing A Style – This is the part where you decide to make your fencing stand out or blend carefully with your neighborhood. But since this is an article about wowing your community, then you better take advantage of your building and property rights while you can.

Building your fence DIY style is a good way to spend long, boring afternoons, especially during weekends. Additionally, informing your neighbors about your building plans is a basic, common decency that you can do to ensure noise.

To know more about fencing builds and contractors in Tampa, FL, don’t forget to get in touch with us!


The Things You Must Need to Know Before Building a Fence?


Guide on Building and Fixing Your Fence


Like most construction jobs, homeowners should consider many things before having their fence built, let alone handled by fencing contractors. Though it is an often-overlooked house feature, the benefits of fencing are more than just the aesthetics it can bring to your property. Fences are also built as an added security feature to keep your home safe from unwanted visitors prying eyes and to avoid letting children and pets run around the neighborhood unsupervised.

Here are some of the fence installation guides we can give you:

Why Do You Want a Fence?

Is it for security reasons? Do you value your privacy to the extreme? Is the neighborhood that dangerous for you? You have to consider these questions before picking specific fencing builds or modifying them.

Have Your Property Surveyed

To protect yourself from getting scammed, always contact the property surveyed before moving in to prevent unwanted land disputes should you consider increasing your fencing project.

Know Your Local Fence Rules/Regulations

Most HOAs demand specific looks and limit the fencing designs and builds. To prevent further issues, secure a good of your HOA regulations and inform them of your fencing plans. It is also best to look into the municipality rules and regulations on fencing installation before you proceed with your project.

Find Materials Best Suited For You

You can procure many materials whenever you like but only choose accessible, affordable, and useful items to incorporate in your fencing project. To help you choose the right materials, you can consult fencing contractors to give you their useful input.

Consider Your Climate

If you live within rainy areas, the chances are that wood fences are not conducive to your home. You can opt for galvanized wires, steel fences, or others designed to last through harsher weather and overall temperature. Invest in fencing components that last instead of rot or break easily. It will most definitely save you a lot of money and time in the long run.

Create A Landscaping Plan

Once your project is over, you can start designing your landscape with soft scapes and hardscapes of your choice. This part may be your perfect time to get creative and incorporate your personality and property.

Gather Tools And Materials

Tools are essential for building and maintaining your fences. Depending on your fence type, you can buy many tools from your local hardware stores to keep your borders on your own.

Although fences are notoriously hard to build and maintain, deciding to work on them on your own is still an option you can not choose. In this day and age, you can hire fencing contractors to work on your fencing for you. Today, when coming across fencing issues and fence inquiries, contact your local fencing contractor in Tampa, FL today!


Top Fencing Mistakes That People Overlook


Guide on Building and Fixing Your Fence


If you’re planning on pushing through with your fencing DIY, keeping track of the common fencing mistakes is also essential when working on your fencing project: to avoid any additional issues, here are some of them:

  • Keep measurements accurate at all times.
  • Secure the posts appropriately
  • Putting fences in the incorrect location
  • Beware of underground utilities
  • Being unaware of the materials for fencing
  • Does not seek advice from an expert
  • Deliverables of excellent quality
  • Products and services with a guarantee
  • Solutions that are effective in terms of cost
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Flexible financial options

Fenrails is not your typical fencing company. We are Tampa-based fencing contractor, operating as a one-stop-shop for all of your fencing needs starting with the planning phase, building, procuring the necessary fencing materials, providing expert solutions and designs for the fencing features of your choice.

Installing a fence can be done as a DIY project. However, if you are not that confident with your fencing skills, you can easily search for available fencing contractors online.


Good Qualities To Look For in a Fence Contractor


Guide on Building and Fixing Your Fence


    • Qualifications

      Many homeowners choose to install their fences using guided tutorials. But, since many States require a permit when it comes to building fences, seeking a proper professional fencing contractor would be your safest bet. Luckily for you, Fenrails is a one-stop shop for all your fencing needs. Our services include fence installation, providing fencing components, and gate installation. Business licenses for fence contractors generally fall under the general construction rules wherein most states, any business that involves building must obtain some form of approval.

      To pick the right fencing contractor for your fence projects, you need to start asking a few questions and determine if they have the following skills and qualifications.

    • Training

      Companies do not require college degrees within the fencing industry. However, many fencing experts learn the trade via trade schools. Course works are available for fence installation that often involve classroom and practical training pieces. A fence installation school program usually takes a week to finish.

    • Credentials

      Most states require a general fencing contractor license to install or build a new fence for every property involved. However, remember that each state has its own set of licensing requirements reserved for upper-level management or business owners. A reliable fencing contractor should have at least a decade of experience to obtain an operating license and receive regular or ongoing training to prove they’re up to date on current trends and fencing practices in the industry.

    • Insurance

      A reliable fencing contractor generally provides insurance that protects the home or business owner from liability should they accidentally damage the property or suffer from bodily injuries while working on the job. So before you hire a fencing company, ask to view their proof of insurance and what’s covered.

Consider Our Services


Guide on Building and Fixing Your Fence


Fence Services

At Fenrails, we always cater to various fence designs and fence components. Aside from that, we also offer customized gates, arches, rails, and security mechanisms, plus multiple accessories to boost the look or style of your fence. Additionally, our professionals can help you determine which wall will best fit your home, business, or landscaping project.

Some of our fence products include:

  • Wood fence installation includes picket fences, vertical shadow boxes, horizontal shadow boxes, stockades, and board-on-board fences.
  • Vinyl fence installation. These are great for even longer, lasting fences around your property.
  • Aluminum fence installation for their versatility. Perfect for sloped lands without having to worry about gaps and awkward transitions.

Commercial Fence Services

Lots that need coverage like manufacturing sites, farmlands, plantations, and the like require many fencing materials and contractors’ expertise. To do this, clients require a lot more than just aesthetic fencing. Instead, they opt for practical and long-lasting materials to help them secure their property from trespassers and away from prying eyes.

Here are the following features our commercial fencing services can provide your:

  • Perimeter Security Fence
  • Security Fencing
  • Amenity Fencing
  • Noise Reductions Fencing
  • Eco-Safe Fencing
  • Government Fencing Projects

Our commercial fencing services include chain-link fences with heightened security, anti-cut, and coated-finish features, along with automated gates and ornamental fencing options. To know more about our gate services, call us at (813) 280-0687.

Residential Fence Services

Here are the types of residential fences we can offer:

  • Wood fence
  • Chain link fences
  • Vinyl fences (PVC)
  • Steel fences



Now that you know all you need to know all about fencing and how to choose your fencing contractor, allow us to offer you our services!

Fenrails Tampa is one of the leading fencing contractors near you. We deliver quality fencing materials, components, and fencing builds to our clients all over Tampa, FL. To know more, call us at (813) 280-0687 or send us an email today.

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