7 Reasons You Should Consider Temporary Fencing

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Installing a temporary fence is one of the most effective ways to prevent unauthorized entry or limit the traffic during an event. For construction sites, temporary fencing can prevent the entry of people not part of the project or limit the flow of materials. A company offering professional fence services can install it. Here are seven benefits of installing temporary fencing.

temporary fencing by fenrails

1. Keep malicious people out

Suppose you’re holding a ticketed event or want to secure important items such as paintings during an art festival. In that case, a temporary fence can be one of the best options to keep people with malicious intent out. This is particularly important for events that span over a few days as it will prevent thieves from entering the place during the night or at least make it difficult for them to do so.

2. Manage foot traffic

Events that attract many visitors need special measures to ensure the safety of the visiting public. Installing temporary fencing is one of the best ways to regulate foot traffic and avoid overcrowding. It can also be used to inform the public that an activity is taking place so that they can take a different route.

In construction sites, temporary fencing can inform people about an ongoing project in the area and act as additional crowd control. This can limit foot traffic to only the workers in the project, thereby securing their safety.

3. Serves as an ad space

If you’re using portable fence panels for your temporary fencing, you can monetize your space with ads. You can sell ad space that a local business can use to hang their poster or logo for a small amount. With portable fence panels, you will have many flat surfaces to post ads on. You can customize a panel for an advertiser and request a larger amount for the entire panel. Selling ad space on your temporary fencing can be a great way to raise money for your event.

4. Limit or prevent vandalism


Vandalism is pretty common among new construction sites. Temporary fencing can effectively make vandalism a little more difficult, thus discouraging people from doing it. This can reduce the incidence of vandalism on your construction site resulting in potential savings in your resources. One doesn’t need to spend some resources and time to fix vandalism.

5. A security solution

Suppose you need privacy or extra protection on your property against hostile vehicles during a conference or an event. In that case, temporary fencing with a privacy screen is best for you and can provide the protection you need. You can customize your temporary fencing further to meet the protection needs of your attendees.

6. Keep children and pets safe

Temporary fencing is not only for construction sites and events. They’re also perfect for keeping your children and pets safe, especially if you have a deck, pool, or other dangerous areas at home. Temporary fencing ensures that your children or pets are confined within a set area and keep them safe while enjoying their favorite activities.

7. Cost-effective alternative to permanent fencing

Although permanent fencing has many benefits and offers better security than temporary ones, installing a permanent fence can become very expensive. For temporary projects and events, it is more practical to choose temporary fencing for temporary projects and events as they are significantly cheaper while providing the security and benefits needed.

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