10 Best Frontyard Fence Types For Your Home

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Choosing the best fence type for your front yard can significantly increase or decrease your home’s curb appeal. While any kind improves the safety and security of your residential property, a suitable frontyard fence can also boost your landscape and home aesthetics.

But with a lot of fencing options today, both traditional and innovative types, which should you go for? Check out our ten best front yard fence ideas to consider for your home, plus some maintenance tips to help you along the way.

Wrought Iron/ Aluminum Fence

Wrought iron and aluminum fencing offers one of the highest security and protection as a frontyard fence. Whether with decorative features or spiked railheads, these metal fence types became popular because of their versatility in colors and styles.

Wrought Iron & Aluminum Fence by fenrails

Maintenance tip: You may want to apply a coat or two of primer to avoid rusting. If there are any signs of rust, remove it immediately. Checking and maintenance for metal fencing should be done every five years.

Wire Fence

Wire fence is one of the most cost-effective and low-maintenance choices for residential fencing. Many homeowners also try DIY fence installation using wire. While it is not best for providing privacy, it is a great choice for keeping pets inside while preventing pest animals from getting in.

Wire Fence by fenrails Tampa

Maintenance tip: Observe regular checking and repair as necessary.

Chain-Link Fence

A chain-link fence is an affordable option that offers high security around your residence. While it does not offer aesthetic appeal, it is best to keep small children and pets on your front lawn while preventing wild animals from getting in your yard. It is available in various heights, lengths, and thicknesses.

Chain link fence by fenrails

Maintenance tip: Like the iron fencing, apply rust protection or primer every six to twelve months for maximum lifespan.

Stone/ Brick Fence Post

Adding stone or brick columns as a frontyard fence might be costly but will surely improve the aesthetics and value of your home. It offers an upscaled, classier look to your property. You may install your preferred fencing panel, such as iron, vinyl, composite, or wood fence. Choose the best type that can uphold your home’s privacy and security.

Stone/ Brick Fence by fenrails

Maintenance tip: Remove dirt and grime build-up in your stone/ brick frontyard fence by manual scrubbing or pressure washing.

Stacked Stone Fence

Do you want a rustic look for your country home? Then, you might want to consider stacking stone as your frontyard fence. This type could easily blend into your landscaping design, and if built high enough, it could also guard your pets and children against wandering outside your property.

Stacked Stone Fence

Maintenance tip: Keep the stones cleaned using manual scrubbing or power washing. Apply sealant every one or two years for longevity.

Split Rail Fence

Another common fencing option for households is the wood split rail fence. Since it is rural-type fencing, it does not offer much security or privacy. But, if you want to highlight your house facade or landscape, this fencing may be your best choice. Otherwise, a split rail fence could serve as an additional decoration for your garden.

Split Rail Fence by fenrails

Maintenance tip: Boil linseed oil and apply for better seal and protection of the wood front yard fence.

Lattice Fence/ Trellis

Lattice fences and trellises are best for landscaped front yards and pocket gardens. You can add flowery greens and vines on your trellis, making your frontyard fence attention-catching. Many homebuyers share that this fencing type is gaining popularity as it gives a great curb appeal to those who want a more ‘homey’ look.

Lattice Fence/ Trellis by fenrails

Maintenance tip: Pruning for plants and vines is a must. Plus, cleaning the trellis every two to three months might be necessary.

Tall Fencing

Tall fences are meant to boost the privacy of a property. Thus, they block views both from inside and outside the area. If your priority is privacy and curb appeal comes second, choose this fencing type. Tall fences are typically made of composite, wood, metal, or vinyl.

Fortunately, there are tall fencing products available that look aesthetically pleasing. You may want to consider those modern tall fences with horizontal slats or are decorated with intrinsic patterns or designs.

Tall Fencing by fenrails

Maintenance tip: Composite and vinyl tall front yard fences need washing once or twice a year to maintain cleanliness, while tall wooden fences might need staining or repainting every two to three years.

Privacy Hedge

Do you want to increase your home’s privacy but not to the point that everything is covered? You might want to consider having a privacy hedge as your frontyard fence. A privacy hedge will protect your household from prying eyes while maintaining the aesthetics of your home. You may choose from the common hedge types, including privet, Leyland cypress, and Korean boxwood.

Privacy Hedge

Maintenance tip: Regular hedge trimming is necessary.

Picket Fence

And last but might be the most in-demand of all is the picket fence. Have you ever heard of the popular idea of living in a home with a “white picket fence”? The classic American dream radiates to homes with picket fences that started in the last 1870s until the early 1930s. Until today, many American households still choose this fencing type.

Over time, there have been variations of picket fence materials. While many still opt for wood, you can also choose to have vinyl (PVC) picket fences, an easy-to-install and cheaper option than wood.

Picket Fence by fenrails

Maintenance tip: You might need to restain or repaint your wood picket fences every three years. On the other hand, vinyl picket fences may need manual scrubbing or power washing for any noticeable dirt or grime build-up.

When To Seek Help From A Professional Fencing Contractor

If you are new at building fences or want an expert touch to construct your frontyard fence, seek assistance from a professional fencing contractor. They have the knowledge, skills, and experience about fencing materials, types, and installation that can help you better understand what fence type will best work for your needs, preferences, and budget.

At Fenrails, our professional fencing installers can help you choose the right yard fencing tailored to your needs. Contact us today.

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